The “Call To Action”: Importance and Relevance in Video Production

All too often great videos are missing that one important ingredient. Viewers will enjoy these videos, but then simply move on! It’s the single most important element that makes a viewer get off the couch and callclick, or stop by your business. I’m talking about a, “Call To Action.”  

A Call To Action is a 1-4 second piece of your video that offers a discount, announces a special, gives something away for free, invites your potential client to attend a demonstration, lecture, or get dollars off with a purchase. You get the point! 

Don’t just build a video as an awareness piece. Leave that strategy for institutional, governmental, municipal groups that can afford to just make potential customers “aware” they exist. You need to get sales happening now!

Here are some examples from Station Break:  

We had a dental group where the entire video focused on a Call To Action: $1,000 off Invisalign plus free whitening. The dental group got 30 requests per month, of which 7 became patients, and the cost of the cable TV campaign was covered by just 2 new patients.

Let’s Yo Yogurt: A quick 15-sec ad telling us to, “Get FREE yogurt with your rewards card.”

Here’s a soft call to action:  A Pharmacy needs to make their audience aware of new Hep-C treatments and services.  So, we have to mention, “…been nationally approved to provide FREE services for Hep-C patients.” The use of the word, “FREE” is the emotional trigger you need to get a potential customer to take action!  

Hicksville Physical Therapy invites new patients to, “Ask for your first laser treatment, absolutely FREE!”

Car dealerships will show you cars and prices, restaurants will offer buy one get one free entrees, retail stores can offer anything for free with a purchase! Whatever your business or service, don’t let your video become just a distant memory. Get them to “Take Action” with a valuable Call To Action.

What’s our call to action to you? Call Station Break Productions and get a business video that will drive your sales today! LIKE us on Facebook to learn more about why video marketing is becoming more and more impactful as we speak.