Make Your Videos Count

In the last post, we discussed ways to optimize your videos. But what should you actually put in your videos? The content is what counts! Here are some ideas for your videos. 

1. Educate. Tell people about your products or services, give details and benefits, and explain your business. Make your information clear and concise. 

2. Answer questions. Think about the questions you are most often asked about your product or services. State the questions and answers in short clips to inform consumers. 

3. Do a product review. Find a product or service of interest to your audience and do a review on its benefits, drawbacks, and features. This doesn't have to be directly related to your business, as long as it will interest your niche. 

4. Talk about your case studies and results. Talk about the results you were able to achieve while working with a client or talk about a case study and show what you did for them. You could also read a testimonial or two from your most satisfied customers. 

5. Debunk myths. Your own version of "Mythbusters!" Talk about the top three or so myths in your industry and explain with real examples why they are truly myths. 

6. Take your viewers behind the scenes. Pull back the curtains and give tips on how you do business. Show yourself in your "natural surroundings", introduce family, and show things that are meaningful to you. Tie in information about your business such as how you organize it! 

What else have you put in your videos? Comment below and let us know! For more ideas, visit