Optimize Your Videos

So you've decided to get started with video marketing- but what's next? Here are some important tips and tricks for you to keep in mind!

Make your title count. Video titles can pull a lot of traffic! A good title can instantly grab a reader's attention and even more importantly, a title with the right keywords is more likely to show up on a Google search. 

Provide excellent content. Think about your ideal viewer. What does your ideal viewer care about? What would he or she be interested in learning? 

Keep it short. This is a big one. No matter how great your content, if your video goes on too long you will lose your viewer's attention. Keep them interested and engaged for a few short minutes, and then let them go. 

Include your URL in your video. Take advantage of editing features and add a text box to your video. You want viewers to know where to go next! Another important thing to do is include your link as the first thing in your video description. Viewers read these short descriptions on YouTube, so make sure the link you want to drive them to is easy to see! 

Display your company logo on screen. You can do this throughout the video's duration, or just at key points. Take advantage of video's branding opportunities!

Don't stop with just YouTube. YouTube is a great site, but why stop there? Always embed your video on your own website. People will spend more time on your website, and the views you get will add to your views on YouTube to make you show up higher in Google search results.

Give your videos an extra boost. There are tons of videos on the internet-- so make yours stand out! 

1. Create a series. If people enjoy one of your videos, they'll come back for more! This also creates brand identity. 

2. Always include a call to action. Whether it be visiting your site, signing up for a newsletter, or attending an event make sure you always include a call to action. This is a great opportunity, so make sure you don't miss it!

3. Don't make a sales pitch. People see right through this, so don't make your video just a sales pitch. Make it more than that, and this will lead to sales! 

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