The Power of Cinema Advertising

How often do you go to the movies? Do you pay careful attention to the advertisements you see there? This week, we decided to look at the results of a research study conducted by Hall & Partners looking at the effectiveness of cinema advertising. 

The results of the study showed that cinema works in a very different way from other forms of media. Advertisements watched in the cinema are processed by the brain more consciously, which offers a unique role for cinema in modern marketing as a powerful, emotionally engaging medium for brands. 

The study found that cinema advertising is 8 times more effective at making your brand stand out from the crowd than television. When shown an unbranded still from an ad, three times as many cinemagoers actually recalled which brand the ad was for when compared with TV viewers. In addition, cinema audiences are four times more likely to be emotionally engaged than a TV audience, and those exposed to advertisements in the cinema are twice as likely to recall a brand compared to TV. When you think about it, it makes sense--going to the movies is like being in a whole different world for a few hours, and you're completely engaged with the screen the entire time you're there. TV allows viewers to skip ads, but going to the cinema creates a captive environment for audiences where advertising is expected. 

According to ScreenDaily, all of this means that cinema is the medium of choice when it comes to strengthening a brand, delivering key messages, increasing awareness and attracting new customers. Cinema is growing increasingly important, as the total number of people going to the movies has increased 24% since 2008. This translates to 7.5 million more people going to the movies this year than they did in 2008-- wow! Cinema's appeal is constantly broadening, appealing to more and more people, providing a powerful way for advertisers to reach audiences. We'll admit it-- we want in on the action! When was the last time you went to the movies, and do you remember any ads you saw there? We're willing to bet that you do, and so is Hall & Partners!