Video Content Marketing

In anticipation of our exciting free business video workshop next week, we thought we'd post some small business video content marketing tips. For those of you who haven't signed up for our event yet, there is still time! We're almost sold out, so sign up here ASAP! We could not be more excited! 

If you've ever read any of our blog posts, then you've read a lot about the importance of videos in your marketing strategy. Here are some tips for making the videos themselves as effective as possible.

1. Instead of investing all of your budget in a single high-production video, make your videos part of a wider content marketing campaign intended to generate ongoing, sustainable outcomes! As your objectives change, you can change your video content as well.  

2. There are easy ways to generate great video content that lets customers see inside your company and feel more connected: customer interviews, a tour of your office, fun videos of your staff, staff interviews, or a "day in the life" video of staff. 

3. Leverage events! Use these great opportunities to interview with visitors, interview with staff not normally on hand and interview with event speakers. Take a time-lapse video to show the buzz around your stand, do live product demonstrations, or do a mini presentation at your stand. Be creative! There are a lot of opportunities to be taken advantage of at events, so take advantage of them! 

4. Optimize your videos for mobile. This may be the most important tip. More and more people are accessing content on the go, and it's important that your videos can be easily viewed this way. The real estate that surrounds them, such as calls to action, also need to be easily accessible on mobile.

5. Embed videos to your website. Embedding translates to more views and more views translate to more customer interaction! 

And remember, when you need help with video production- we're here to help. Read more at