News Update: Facebook Ads

Facebook's VP of Global Marketing, Carolyn Everson, spoke at Advertising Week 2015 in New York City-- and she had quite a few interesting things to say. As consumers spend more time on mobile apps, Facebook increasingly competes with TV networks for advertising dollars.. But Facebook isn't telling advertisers to stop buying television ads-- in fact, at Advertising Week Everson said that marketers have the most success when they run campaigns across both Facebook and television. 

Everson said ads’ memorability, brand linkage and likability linkage are higher when marketers run campaigns on both Facebook and television, as opposed to on one or the other. Not only can advertisers reach more unique consumers by running ads on both platforms, ads are typically more effective when viewed on both Facebook and television, Everson said.

“The two work very complementary,” Everson said. “It’s not just about reach. It’s about results.”

The ad executive said the “mobile shift” has already happened and should shape how ads are created, measured and purchased. Everson said that only about 17% of television viewership goes to the top 10 TV programs, making it more expensive for marketers to reach the same audience via television, especially millennials, than in the past.

“We live in this amazing age of content,” Everson said. “Consumers have choice all the time. But they want to experience it on their own terms, and increasingly on mobile.”

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