How Video Marketing is Changing Online

Online video is changing the way audiences engage with content, ads, and brands- and small businesses and corporations alike are starting to take advantage. Videos are becoming a new way for people to communicate, and a way for small businesses and brands to communicate online and on mobile. Here are why and how you can use video to better tell your brand story.

People Love Online Video

In 2014, audiences engaged with video at a 43% growth rate, and 3/5 of their viewing was on a mobile device. YouTube attracted the most unique visits per month (800 million), making it the #1 video site (as many of you may know!). However, Netflix is the site where viewers spend most of their time. When you watch a YouTube video, you may see a pre-roll or mid-roll ad run by Google’s own ad platform.  Not only do people love online video, but millennials are now choosing to end their relationship with traditional cable companies and migrating to Netflix. Traditional TV viewing is down by 17% among teens and millennials, as they are opting to use digital sources rather than cable.

Video Engages Audiences

According to a 2013 UK study, online video is far more engaging than a text article, with adults reporting adults are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) online video over a basic text blog. What makes a video engaging? You have about 10 seconds to engage your audience before you lose them, so those first few seconds are incredibly precious, and you must have a solid hook. Never have a video longer than 2 minutes if you’re on desktop, and with mobile you’ve got an extra 30 seconds. Videos that are are 15 seconds are more likely to get shared, so the shorter, the more viral.