Proving that Your Social Media Efforts Affect Your Business Goals

Marketing is critical for driving top line revenue and as marketing continues to transform, social media is becoming a larger and larger part of marketing budgets. It can be hard to justify spending on social media, but Business 2 Community has made it easy for you to show how your social media spending affects your bottom line. 

1. Traffic from Social

You can think of social media as a giant focus group. Assess what resonates with your customers based on post engagement, and go from there. You can learn valuable insights from your most loyal customers which can impact your business strategy. 

2. Conversion Rate

If you're a savvy marketer, you're already aware of your conversion rate from social media channels. But you can dive deeper. Can you tell which Instagram photo photos led to the most sales of the product featured in the photo? Try to attach an exact dollar amount to each brand post on social media. 

3. Decrease in Content Costs

Brands are struggling to avoid posting tired content while maintaining an active presence across multiple social channels-- this is not easy! Social media efforts can help you scale content creation at a lower cost, because customers are already posting photos about the brands and products they love. With their permission, you can access this crowd-sourced, authentic content to re-use in other marketing initiatives and post on multiple social media channels. 

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