Movie Theater Advertising & Promotion

Reach Customers on the big screen! We're experts at planning and placing movie theater advertising. We'll work with you directly to help get your business on-screen. We also help Ad agencies get their clients on-screen by providing expert movie theater placement skills and negotiated rates. Comprehensive  movie theater campaigns are crafted including some or all of our services from video production (creative), to movie theater selection, (planning) to media buying and implementation.

On Movie Screens With Movie Advertising

Where else can you reach consumers while their being entertained, relaxed and in a distraction-free environment! Studies show that advertising your business on the big screen results in higher recall and stronger impact than other forms of advertising . Station Break's Trans West Media, Inc. has the expertise in on-screen advertising to deliver regional and local advertising- helping businesses of all sizes reach highly desirable movie going audiences.


Tell us about you and your business. We'll develop a strategic plan to reach movie goers in theaters within your selected area.Whether it's one theater, or a series of theaters across many states...we've got you covered.

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Movie Advertising:
Quick Facts

  • The average HH Income of moviegoers is $82,800, which is +14% higher than the average US person.
    Source: GfK 2012 MRI Doublebase Study

  • While TV gets most of its viewing Mon-Thu, 68% of Cinema’s audiences are on the weekends, a perfect complement to TV
    Source: Nielsen Media Research FY 2012: Interview Questions and Galaxy Explorer

  • In recent years, more people went to the movies than attended Theme Parks and Sporting Events combined.
    Source: MPAA Study

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