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Does your business struggle with updating social media pages? Do you face poor search engine rankings and low amounts of likes? Do you have a difficult time deciding on content to post?

We know you're extremely busy running your business.  That's why we provide a dedicated Social Media Management Coordinator to keep your accounts current, up to date, and energetic. Our goal is to inform existing and new clients about your goods and services, and the more social media interaction we get for you the easier it will be for your business to be found through search engines. We work to leverage the power of great content to increase sales, brand influence, exposure, and customer loyalty.

We offer a standard social media package, but we are happy to customize a package to suit your business and its needs! With our standard social media management package starting at just $400 a month, you get

  • Facebook management
  • Twitter posts
  • Depending on the nature of your business and your specific needs, either:

              1. A professional blog where you are featured as an expert in your field with stories, tips & tricks, everything you've wanted to tell your featured in social media.

              2. Pinterest and Instagram posts to showcase the visual aspects of your business.

              3. Reputation management to put an end to a "bad rap" on Yelp and review sites. We clean up negative comments and damaging postings.

We will update your social media pages with stories, content, and engaging messages designed to increase likes and viewership. You'll get weekly updates and have the ability to dynamically change directions based on your business's activity. With the burden of social media off of your shoulders, you'll be free to focus on running your business.

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