The Struggle of Social Media Marketing

Does your business use social media? How do you feel about its effectiveness? Almost 90% of companies with 100 employees of more will use social media for marketing purposes this year, and of these companies 88% of them believe that social media marketing is important. According to eMarketer, 15% of these business don't think analyzing social media matters at all to the bottom line. Only 38% strongly agree that analyzing social media matters, and almost half were unsure. 

We admit- social media strategy can be frustrating! Only 30% of marketers said social media strategy was "completely aligned" across their business. What are some other challenges with social media that companies have faced? 

1. Assessing the effectiveness of social media activities. This issue made it to number one on Hootsuite's October 2014 survey. 

2. Designing an overall social media strategy. 

3. Taking data gathered from social media and turning it into something actionable. 

4. Educating staff on how to use social media. 

5. Making sense of all the data gathered via social media. 

6. Aligning social media strategies throughout different departments within the company. 

7. Creating "buy in" among executives at the company about the importance of social media.

8. Knowing when to take action about data obtained through social media. 

But on a more positive note, according to the same survey 84% of marketers said they thought social media marketing could enhance relationships with existing customers, and the same number said it helped them engage with influences like the media. It's clearly agreed that social media is useful, just the logistics of using it make things difficult! Here at Station Break, we want to help! We have a team of dynamic social media professionals who want to work with you to maximize social media effectiveness in your business! Let us take the burden off of your shoulders and turn your social media from a headache into a breeze. 


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