What is Katy Perry Doing on Social Media That You Aren't?

This week we wanted to lighten things up with a fun article from Business News Daily about how the fabulous Katy Perry  has mastered Twitter marketing and what you as a business can take away from her strategy! Perry officially has the most followers on Twitter at nearly 64 million followers. Her simple strategy is to be herself, have fun, and be market smart. Here are 10 tips from Katy Perry's Twitter: 

1.  Be real and relatable. Katy Perry has a voice and a personality, but she's not constantly promoting her brand in every tweet. It's important that your voice and personality are relatable to your target audience! Followers want to feel like the brands they interact with are run by real people who understand them. Find the right balance between personal and professional! 

2. Don't take things too seriously. Take advantage of funny tending hashtags and memes. Twitter users appreciate humor! 

3. Appreciate your fans. It's important to engage with your followers. Perry often tweets about how much she loves her fans! Reply to, retweet, and favorite your follower's tweets- they will appreciate the interaction. 

4. Respond to your haters. Don't ignore bad interactions- you will lose loyal followers and business. Like Perry, respond with grace and try to solve legitimate problems in a timely manner. 

5. Support other relevant brands. Perry frequently promotes new songs and work from her fellow artists. Twitter is a great place to branch out and interact with other people and brands- and you should! Make your feed not just about you, but a place where you can connect with other relevant businesses and open the door for future collaborations and partnerships. 

6. Don't be afraid to take a stand. When Perry was in Australia during Ferguson, she made sure to send her love and prayers via Twitter. If there's something going on in the world that you think is important, it's okay to promote causes and take a stand on your Twitter. Try to keep things light and positive!

7. Share behind-the-scenes moments. Share teasers and moments from the background! Offer an exclusive "buzz" on upcoming projects. 

8. Promote your content in a relatable way. Find fun and creative ways to promote your content! 

9. Share interesting content (that's not yours). This goes along with supporting your fellow brands- don't just promote your own content on your feed. Perry is always retweeting articles from websites like BuzzFeed and frequently retweets posts from others!

10. Be inspiring. Perry often posts inspirational tweets, either from her own thoughts or from others. Her Twitter only benefits from her positivity! When fans feel uplifted and motivated, there is more engagement.

We may not all be able to be Twitter rockstars like Perry, but we can all take a page from her book of Twitter marketing! Go out this week and promote your brand, keeping things light, engaging, and positive. Have a great week!