Titles tell...Faces sell.

Most times, clients and producers are focused on making sure every copy point gets translated into the video their making.  Sure, when you’re on a limited budget, there’s not a lot of room to “fool around.”
However, even the simplest videos that use only photos can be award winning if they contain the most important element of all…FACES!
Yes, that’s right, actual human faces.  We are social creatures and tons of research shows that we respond dramatically to the human face, more than any graphic, text, or visual you can show.
So, my bon mot of the day, “Titles Tell, Faces Sell.”  Yes, you can’t forget to add titles and text to describe your services and products.  But if there are no people for your audience to see, to trust, to like or dis-like, then your video is empty.  The real “money” shot is the smiling face of a customer, the concerned look of your physician, the determined look of the installer, the proud look of the hair stylist.  Let’s face it, they don’t call it “Facebook” for nothing!  Leverage the psychology of human response in your video.  Make sure you include real faces in your storyline, and see the success of your business soar.
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Stephen Meyers is CEO and Founder of Station Break Productions, a Trans West Media, Inc. company, a recognized Video Expert. Stephen blogs and lectures about the importance of video as a tool in marketing, advertising and social media.  Check www.stationbreak.com for more information

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