Unusual Social Media Tips to Help Your Business Thrive

Drive branding, clicks, and conversions with these tips from Entrepreneur magazine! A recent study by Shareaholic tracked 300,000 websites over four months and found that social media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic. So as you can see, when done effectively social media marketing can be an extremely powerful tool! Use the tips and tricks below to help your business harness the power of social media marketing.

1. Create custom-formatted tweets. Most tweets look exactly the same- so make yours stand out while still appearing clean and professional. Use line breaks, a unique font color, or even a relevant emoji.

2. Write longer posts. This is not possible on a platform such as Twitter, but some platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus encourage conversation that can begin with a longer post. 

3. Build Facebook Groups. This is great for two reasons: it fosters an online community where members can interact with you as well as each other, and members can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.

4. Insert embedded call to actions. Add a bit of spice to common Facebook posts and generate even more customer leads. To add call-to-action buttons that drive clicks and traffic, follow Econsultancy’s super simple tutorial.

5. Market across many social platforms. Convert Facebook fans into Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections into contacts that circle your profile on Google Plus. Then by regularly sharing on every social network, your company will always be top of mind among your followers.

6. Facilitate meaningful connections. Your clients, customers and users are incredible people, and when you identify like-minded folk, encourage them to interact with one another. You will birth relationships that will always reference you as a common interest, reinforcing their love for your company's brand. As discussed above, one way to do this is with a Facebook group!

7. Crowdsource user-generated content and showcase powerful visuals. Leverage platforms such as Pixlee to surface and distribute moments that demonstrate the true meaning of your company's brand to customers.

8. Be a little weird. Playing it safe guarantees nothing. Instead, be authentic. Take a few calculated risks that may prompt your audience to admire your company's authenticity and laugh, smile, and share.

9. Stand behind your actions. The best entrepreneurs know when to fire a bad customer and can do so without regret. Last year Liberty Bottleworks boldly responded to a wildly upset customer with what Adweek described as a "polite but eviscerating reply." Because the company was forward, honest and entirely reasonable, it won massive support from social-media users and gained many new paying clients.

10. Put a positive spin on things. Rather than joining angry mobs, say something positive and uplifting about important issues that your audience cares about. Emotions are contagious and people enjoy optimism.

11. Provide a bit of a structure. When requesting replies, nudge your followers into a certain mind-set. An open-ended question without any guidance on your part may result in only a handful of canned replies. By suggesting a certain format for responses, you'll see how creative the responses from your followers will become, and if you’re lucky, they’ll also be thinking about you and your company.

Good luck with your social media marketing! And remember, Station Break offers personalized, one-on-one social media management services to help you drive branding, clicks, and conversions.